The Rebel Roadmap

90 days to a better you


The Rebel Roadmap is a no-BS approach to creating healthy habits, learning to love your body (no joke) & changing your life. Side effects may include: weight loss, healthy eating habits, hormone-balancing, less inflammation/chronic pain/bloating & finally recognizing your AWESOME self.

This 90-day private coaching experience strategy-based program is intertwined with self-love learnings, that will help you transform the one thing that’s been bugging you for years--how you feel in your body. By empowering you to first create the balance in your life that you not only crave, but need, we will discuss nutritional changes & lifestyle choices that can be easily implemented into your busy lifestyle. And when you do that, you stop letting your default mode of grabbing what’s easy take over, and become the empowered individual who chooses the good stuff because you WANT to. With this, you will learn to love the process and love yourself.

Included in the 90-day plan:

  • Personalized nutrition coaching & support (Because who doesn’t want their own personal cheerleader?)

  • Guidance regarding ingredients & portion sizes (Unless you don’t actually want to know what you’re putting into your body. Hint, there’s sugar in that. Yup, that too.)

  • Education around metabolism & digestion (FYI - pooping is supposed to be easy.)

  • Insight into how to boost improving gut health & immunity (Always have a cold? Not anymore.)

  • Balancing hormone levels through nutrition. (That means you might be less moody! But I won’t tell your partner that.)

  • Meal planning & grocery support (Unfortunately, this means you might not meet Prince Charming while perusing potato chips - but it does mean your shopping will be much more efficient - and likely more cost effective too!)

  • Consulting on cooking, recipes and food and menu preparation (I’ll bet you’re thinking “I don’t have time for this.” Am I right? Well, you do.)

  • Food supplement and health product recommendations (Don’t even get me started on the wonders of magnesium...)

  • Emotional eating & food anxiety support (Something you may or may not even realize you’re doing, but the majority of us DO. Me too. We’ll work through this, I got your back.)

Ready to get started on your wellness journey?




With a background in fashion and beauty, I have a passion for high-quality and well-designed products, including food, beauty & supplements. I am constantly in the market for new finds for my clients & followers. If you have an awesome product & you’d like to collaborate, let’s talk!


  • speaking events

  • educational events

  • promotional events


Coach referral: does your business have clients that need direction? Sometimes it’s a market or café, a doctors office or a gym/personal trainer – we can partner on an affiliate basis to mutually benefit each other!

Does your restaurant need healthy, nutrient-dense capsule menu or add on items based on clientele, location, available ingredients, pricing – I can help you develop this!