New Year, New Goals.

Journaling is so hot right now. And since I am new to the journaling bandwagon, and you might be new, contemplating starting, or a seasoned champ, I thought it would be cool to chat a little bit about why I started journaling, how you can get started, and what the benefits of journaling can be.

I love a good diary. When I was a kid I had my v standard “I like so and so but he likes someone else” and “so and so is fighting with me” journal entries. I loved getting new journals and pens. And then somewhere, during high school no doubt, I fell out of the diary phase. I fell out of the idea of self discovery, I fell out of the cathartic feeling of writing down how I was feeling and fell very deep into the narcissistic ways of a pre-adult rebellious teenager.

My first foray back into journaling was a food diary. I just loved the idea of documenting everything I was eating - part accountability, part reference. As I explored my relationship with food, I realized what really needed exploration was my relationship with myself. Journaling can really be anything you want it to be - a cathartic place where you can release your feelings, thoughts, emotions - free of judgement. A place to document what you’re working on or thinking about. A place to clear you head. And a place you can visit back to when you need to remember who you are, where you came from and where you want to go.

There are a few different techniques that I would recommend when beginning journaling, since picking up a blank notebook and just writing can be a lot easier said than done.

Choose a “guided” journal - like The Five Minute Journal - which asks you short prompts in the morning and before bed that help start and end your day in a place of clarity and reflection.

Do a MIND DUMP - I’ve referenced this before in previous posts, but this is where you’ll utilize your blank journal and literally just write down anything that comes to mind, from “I like blueberries” to “Did anyone ever even like Nickelback anyway?” The goal is to hit 3+ pages, which is typically when a little more cohesiveness and clarity begins to make way. Again this is a great practice to do first thing in the morning as we are calm and clear, unaffected by the day, which might get in the way of a nighttime “mind dump.”

Specific journal - this journal can be thematic, around travel, food, dreams, etc - but a place to keep this information in one place to again, reference later for cohesiveness or clarity.

Meditation/Manifestation journal - to use alongside your practice to write notes and document moments of realization, goals for manifestation, triggers, wins, or anything else that comes up along the way. Some guided practices will include journal prompts with their workshops - one I particularly love is to be Magnetic.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on journaling - do you do it? Do you prefer a certain technique? Tell me more in the comments below!