9 quick tips to keep you covered..

Traveling during the holidays? A lot of us are. Here are my tips for packing light, living large & staying balanced.

  1. Have food on hand. I bring a day’s worth of snacks on the plane, along with a minimum of 2 liters of water, and then I fill up again when I get to my destination. Allowing me to have some healthy choices at my fingertipcs - whether thats the fridge in the mini bar or my kitchen at an AirBnB - allows me to avoid being hangry and making bad choices. What’s on my list when I’m in a home away from home? Coffee, nut milk, bananas, apples, perfect bars, non dairy yogurt, nuts, hummus & pretzels or baby carrots.

  2. Pack light. Pack a minimal wardrobe of neutral colors. If you’re staying in a rental home, it may have laundry, if not you can spring for dry cleaning if its totally necessary (it’s probably cheaper than checking a bag.) Check my post on packing tips for more details :)

  3. Hit the gym!! I’ve had so much fun trying out new fitness studios and workouts while I’m traveling. See what’s near you. A lot of them offer a first free class - double win!

  4. Do your research. Try to have a loose plan of sights you want to see, restaurants you want to try and places you definitely want to go. I used to be an over-planner, which ended up being stressful, but knowing what your “can’t miss” spots are helps prioritize.

  5. Double up on vitamin c, bring your essential oils & sanitize the fuck out of your airplane seat. No one wants to get sick on vacation. Also - saline spray in your nose pre & post flight will help kill bacteria.

  6. Try to walk or bike when you can. Its earth & health friendly. If you’re in LA or SF check out rentable scooters - they’re so fun and you can pick them up and leave them wherever!! The only transportation I wouldn’t recommend while traveling is CitiBike in NYC - unless you’re a pro. Even I am scared of those cab drivers!!

  7. Fun outdoor activities like hikes and kayaking are great ways to burn calories AND make memories.

  8. UNWIND. Believe it or not, sometimes we’re so busy running around trying to see things and keep up with the kids that we actually forget to vacation on vacation. Take a couple minutes each day for some “me” time - to meditate, to journal, to go for a walk, or just chill.

  9. Is visiting the fam a total trigger? Make time to recite mantra’s about strength, make time to get out of the house and have time alone, with your significant other or with your friends. It will help alleviate some of the stress to have some laughs over a glass of wine.