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Holy crap. I can’t believe Halloween & Thanksgiving have come and gone and now we’re talking Christmas!! So for all my #wellnesswarriors, their gift givers, and anyone who just wants something interesting to gift for the holidays, I put together a little gift guide of healthy living items that you can gift to just about anyone!


Nurse Jamie Roller - My bestie actually gifted this to me a year or so ago and I’m addicted. I roll every night before bed until my arm feels like its going to fall off. Facial rolling helps improve skin tone & texture, maximizes the efficacy of your skincare, energizes & enhances your skin, and is great for lymphatic draining and decreasing bloating. Plus it just feels so damn good!

Kopari Beauty Besties Set - Perf for the person who you have no idea what to get. This set will have you coco-covered from head to toe! And its non-GMO, vegan, cruelty-free, silicone-free & sulfate-free.

Slip Silk Eye Mask - I personally have two of these, one for home and one for travel, and I cannot sleep without it. Not only is it made of double-sided pure silk that was “developed and refined over ten years to provide the ultimate combination of shine, thickness, softness and durability” for light-blocking, uninterrupted sleep, but the material minimizes tugging on your delicate eye area, so you’ll save money on Botox. Sleep beautifully.

Skyn Iceland Skin Hangover Set - Tis the season of dry, stressed, depleted skin. This little kit is the perfect stocking stuffer and has everything one needs to brighten & hydrate in time to hit that mistletoe!

Farmacy Beauty The Mighties Set - Clean, naturally derived ingredients from organic farms that are cruelty-free, paraben-free, and free of formaldehyde and artificial coloring. The antioxidant ingredients suit all skin types and fight free radicals while nourishing, hydrating, firming and cleansing your skin. The ULTIMATE glow.

Milk & Honey Home for the Holidays Set - This set has (almost) everything you need for a chill night at home for one (or two) with a warm, candlelit bath. Bottle of wine not included.

Herbivore Botanicals Self Love Bath & Body Ritual Kit - A rose quartz inspired set with moroccan rose oil, virgin coconut oil & coconut milk powder for a high-vibe bathtime experience.


Dagne Dover Landon Carryall Gym Bag - Made of durable neoprene & a variety of colors, this cute carryall is perfect for the gym, work, travel or just everyday errands. Personalize it with their varsity patches for a cute custom look!

refresh2go Stainless Steel Filtered Water Bottle - I love this refresh2go water bottle because its stainless steel, it keeps your drinks HELLA cold, it has a built in straw for maximum efficiency (and minimum spilling) AND it has a BUILT IN FILTER. I mean, HELLO. You can fill this bad boy up ANYWHERE (literally) and have freshly filtered water. Oh and its 32oz so one fill will last you a bit - unless you’re like me and go through 5 of these a day. This is a must for gym, travel and LIFE. Hydration is key!

Tangram Smart Rope - First of all, if you haven’t jump roped in a while, it’s really freaking hard. In fact, it burns twice as many calories as running. This one not only keeps count of your jumps, but syncs to your phone or fitness wearable to keep count of your calorie burn. YES!

Page Thirty Three Marble Dumbbells - These 2.2lb dumbbells are a two-in-one gift, they’re practical and GORGEOUS. Use for lightweight resistance or as a paperweight or bookends.

Bala Bangle Weights - Fashionable and functional, these bracelets add extra resistance to your workouts for maximum effectiveness. Wear during yoga, running, pilates, barre, boxing and more to boost that workout routine.

Vision Driven Resistance Bands - These are hands down the best. resistance. bands. I’m not just saying that because they were developed by my trainer, Shantel Mendez. They’re a thick fabric that is substantial and provides maximum resistance without moving around or riding up like the rubber ones do. Plus they come with a leg & booty program to pump up that peach.

My Sweat Style Athleisure Subscription - Curated apparel hand-picked based on style, workouts & just life in general. Featuring name brand tops, sports bras, leggings, sweats & outerwear. Well + Good says, “The first subscription service that will deliver curated packages of on-trend, premium activewear to your door. It's like Stitch Fix for your gym bag."


Sakara 10-Day Reset - This kit includes everything you need to jumpstart that wellness journey. It has recipes, probiotics, beauty & detox water concentrates, energy & detox bars, protein & detox tea. Bonus, the packaging really has that WOW factor, don’t you think?

Welleco Super Elixer - This daily green multivitamin is made from 45 whole food ingredients, is non-GMO, wheat-free, dairy-free, soy-free, vegan and has no refined sugars. Its perfect for the holiday season, when we tend to over-indulge, because these plant-based ingredients help our bodies heal from damage caused by sugar, dairy, alcohol & stress. Plus, the packaging is SO CHIC.

Love Wellness Kit - a super cute, instagram-worthy set of complete vitamins made specifically for women. The set includes five natural, organic supplements including probiotics, a metabolism booster, a supplement for glowing skin, digestive enzymes & a mood enchancer.

The Beauty Chef Glow Set - A power duo to restore radiant skin from the inside out. Includes GLOW Advanced Inner Beauty Powder (a multivitamin) & Collagen Inner Beauty Boost (a collagen infused probitiotic) for improved skin tone & texture and a naturally plumped complexion. No Artificial Colorings, Flavorings Or Preservatives, Lactose, Dairy Or Sugar.

Genopalate “Eat for your Genes” DNA Kit - This saliva-based DNA kit will test your genes and based on your genotype results, provide nutrition recommendations including a comprehensive list of foods that all have the highest amount of the nutrients that benefit you most - and those you should avoid. How freaking cool is that?


Hurom Slow Juicer - This bad boy can make more than just juice - you can make nut milk, tofu & even ice cream. “Hurom's patented Slow Squeeze Technology uses an auger to squeeze out juice instead of shredding fruits and vegetables with high-speed blades. This more natural motion minimizes heat and oxidation, preserving freshness and leaving nutrition intact.” It also comes in black, for those who aren’t into the rose gold & it includes different strainers so you can control the level of pulp in your juice (side note: the pulp has all the fiber and good stuff.)

Ninja Nutri Pro Personal Blender - Smoothies, protein shakes, ice cream, etc and WAY easier to clean than a regular blender. Need I say more?

Handheld Drink Mixer & Milk Frother - Its actually insane how much I get asked about this little gadget via social media. What’s even more insane is how OFTEN I USE IT. Whether I’m frothing milk, mixing up some matcha or hot chocolate, or just pulsing together my morning coffee with collage + MCT, this little guys is def worth that $15 bucks.

Air Fryer - Who likes french fries? Oh, everyone? Got it. Well, now you can make your own (not just fried potatoes but anything that you can fry) without the OIL. Yes, its true. Fry using hot air. Guilt-free fried food. It’s making me emotional just thinking about it guys. If you buy this, hit me up for the 2-ingredient air fryer bagel recipe.

Instant Pot - One-pot cooking is back and better than ever. This single countertop appliance can be a slow cooker, a pressure cooker, a rice cooker, steamer & yogurt maker AND you can use it to saute or keep food warm. I mean … no brainer.

BentoHeaven Bento Box - Stylish & functional, this leak-proof meal-prep box comes with utensils and chop sticks along with a carrying case. Perfect for bringing your lunch to work and for taking home leftovers from your fave restaurant!

Copper Straws - the perfect, eco-friendly stocking stuffer. The cardboard tube that they come in makes a great carrying case so you can throw a straw in your bag and stop wasting plastic!


Hu Kitchen Chocolate - Paleo, vegan & dairy free 70% dark chocolate set of 8 different flavors of chocolate bars. Sure to please everyone!

Jade Leaf Organic Ceremonial Grade Single Batch Matcha - In general, matcha has a bunch of rad health benefits, it has ECGC which is believe to help fight cancer, can help prevent heart disease and encourage weight loss and contains L-theanine which can help boost brain function & fight anxiety. This particular matcha is stone ground from the first flush of leaves for the season - as opposed to a blend like other matchas - making it a superior source of antioxidants, flavor and balance.

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Elixer - Chaga Elixir (for immunity support), Cordyceps Elixir (for energy), Reishi Elixir (for relaxing), and Lion’s Mane Elixir (for focus) to drink on their own in hot water or nut milk, or add to your coffee or tea for maximum adaptogenic benefits.

Canyon Organic, Fair Trade Coffee - A medium roast with notes of plum & brown sugar, this roast will tickle the palette of even the pickiest coffee connoisseurs.

Daily Harvest Gift Box - Gift a 9-cup box and let the receiver fill it with their fave combo of smoothies, soups, harvest bowls, oat bowls, chia bowls & lattes!


High Vibrational Beauty (recipes & wellness/DIY beauty)

Body Love (this one is a great balance of valuable information around nutrition + simple, low drama recipes)

The Beauty Chef (eating for inner beauty & gut health)

Thug Kitchen (sassy, vegan recipes that are anything but boring)

Own the Day, Own your Life by Aubrey Marcus (practical tips to optimize every minute of your day)

Thirst: A Story of Redemption, Compassion, and a Mission to Bring Clean Water to the World (not only an inspiring and captivating story but 100% of the proceeds go to fund charity: water projects around the world, the cost of just 1 book can bring clean water to 1 person)


Barefoot Dreams Blanket - This is a gift I give OVER and OVER again. The blanket is my fave but the loungewear, the socks, all of it is just pure gold. It’s the softest, comfiest material ever that can lull even the wide awake into a light snooze.

Headspace Mediation Subscription - Give the gift of calm! The perfect gift for those that have everything, this app has “courses” for everything from calming down to waking up to dealing with all ups & downs of every day life. Plus a one-month subscription is only $13! Talk about the perfect White Elephant or Secret Santa gift!

Air Innovations Clean Mist Humidifier - This one is on my list this year. With all the dry air from winter and heat in our homes/offices, you NEED a humidifier to keep those sinuses (and skin!) happy. This one is awesome because it has an anti-microbial filter, four different output settings, runs up to 80 hours and has an aroma tray that you can add your fave essential oils to!

Woo More Play Coconut Love Oil - This is for your someone special. Its made with with organic, virgin coconut oil (which kills germs, is full of antioxidants that actually INCREASE your sex drive, plus gives it a good amount of “slip”,) vanilla extract which is a mood enhancer and neutralizes free radicals to keep your libido in check & beeswax which is soothing, reduces inflammation and hydrates. Even if you think you don’t “need” it, you’ll both be thanking me later. Trust.


Ceramic Water Filter - This stunning water filter holds a gallon of water and sits pretty on your countertop for sleek and easily accessible clean water. See ya later to that ugly plastic jug.

Pelaton Indoor Bike - Sorry SoulCycle, I’m going to get my cardio in via live streamed classes from the comfort of my own home. Thanks, bye.

Infrared Sauna - GUYS I AM FREAKING OUT. Do you think I can convince Jesse to get this for me?? Infrafred saunas have SO many health benefits. Not only is it relaxing and amazing but its great for your skin, sleep, joint health, detoxing, circulation and just basically everything. Imagine one in your home? I can’t. I won’t sleep til it’s mine.

Wellness Retreat @ Canyon Ranch - a healthy living & luxury spa vacation? Yes, please!

If you made it this far, you can also gift a 30- 60- or 90-day coaching session with yours truly, where I will personally create a custom routine for that person who is serious about getting their health in check for any reason — purchase packages HERE!