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The Balanced Rebel // ABBEy taylor

I believe vegetables will keep you healthy & chocolate will keep you sane.

TBR is where I can share with you my fave finds, tips, tricks & more related to all things health, wellness, fitness, nutrition with a little bit of life sprinkled in.

The things I wish I could tell my younger self:

1. Cookies aren't going extinct, you don't need to eat the entire box.

2. Unhappiness can’t be “fixed" with food (or anything else for that matter - whether that be a relationship, shopping, alcohol, etc.)

3. It's not about looking good, it's about feeling good.

As a carefree child with no experiences with serious health issues, or serious responsibility for that matter, I was wildly unprepared when I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 17 and prescribed Adderall.  Just a few short (yet very productive) months later, I began having seizures, which didn’t stop even after ending the Adderall usage, and I was subsequently prescribed anticonvulsants. A pill I had to remember to take twice a day, EVERY DAY. Talk about a learning curve.

Fast forward a few years, after being (mostly) stable on anticonvulsants, I ended up in the ER with severe abdominal pain, which led to a diagnosis of endometriosis and the removal of 2 softball-sized cysts from my ovaries, with a shiny new birth control prescription.  Unfortunately, there was a reaction between the birth control and the anticonvulsants, and I ended up back in the hospital after having several seizures. Said seizures caused pretty debilitating anxiety, for which I was prescribed Zoloft.

It wasn’t until a decade later (including marriage, house & baby - plus 65+ lbs of extra weight) that I started my journey towards wellness.  It began with an exterior agenda - I wanted to lose that extra weight and feel like myself again. But once I started the process, I fell in love with it.  I realized that I looked and FELT better than I ever had and there was no goal I couldn’t accomplish if I worked hard enough. I couldn’t consume enough information - from dietary ideology & recipes to fitness to spirituality.  I couldn’t wait to tell everyone (because believe me, everyone asked) how not only did I lose the weight, but why I felt like a million bucks. So I made the decision to get certified in nutrition & wellness coaching, as a means of credibility (but also, because I wanted to know everything and wanted to know it now.)

Then, the most unexpected thing happened.  The seizures were back. I began utilizing tools that she learned in her training to piece together a commonality - a theme.  It appeared that a trigger was a drop in blood sugar. She knew now, this is something she could control naturally. So she learned how to control her blood sugar through food.  She then wondered what else she could support through proper nutrition. Seemingly, the possibilities are endless - and so The Balanced Rebel was born. Abbey hopes that one day, people will not look at dietary changes as a “last resort” but as a #1 priority.